Trade Monster Coupon for 60 days free Trading

Trade Monster online brokerage coupon at Trade Monster coupons is now offering a full 60 days of commission free trading.  Trade Monster is a top ranked online brokerage and they are no offering 60 days for no cost trading.  This is up from their previous 30 days of free trading for anyone that setup an account with them.  Barron’s has ranked them number one with 4 1/2 starts out of 5 for online brokerages.  Trade Monster has also dropped their commission prices after your free 60 days is up.  The cost of a stock trade was always $7.95, but they have dropped it down to $4.95.  At $7.95 it was way higher than other big name online brokerages, so if this was a problem in the past, it’s now been corrected.  Trading options cost is $0.50 contract at Trade Monster.

Now it’s nice to get commission free trading and low commission, but a online brokerage account is no good if you don’t get the tools you need.  Trade Monster gives you a ton of powerful trading tools and research tools.  They also give you built in processing and systems that you can use to help you become way more successful.  Their platform is totally customizable, mobile and you get live streaming quotes.  Everything is free at Trade Monster and there are no minimum account requirements, no platform fees and no maintenance fees.  I did mention Barron’s rating previously, but to get into more detail about it Barron’s ranked them #1 for research, customer service, education, Usability and mobile and options trading.  I think a big change besides the free commission Trade Monster Coupon promo is the price drop from $7.95 to $4.95 trade commission.  It makes them very competitive with the TD Ameritrade and E trade in terms of pricing.  Combine this with their no platform fees, maintenance fees and their super robust free platform and it really makes it hard to not consider Trade Monster for your next brokerage account.

50%-60% off Supple Coupon

Save 50% off or 60% off Supple at Supple Coupons.  Supple is worth a try if your suffering from joint health and joint problems.  This latest Supple coupon code saves you 50% off on their 48 day auto shipment program and a full 60% off on their 90 day auto shipment program.  Supple will help you eliminate joint discomfort, protect your joint structure, repair cartilage and help you maximize your mobility.

Supple is a great way to take glucosamine and chondroitin for your joints.  You can get Supple in powder form or easy and great tasting liquid form.  Supple has come up with their own evidence based formula that is safe and effective to help you with joint pain.  They use the highest quality ingredients to give you the best results.  Supple gives you 1,500 mg of shellfish free glucosamine.  This is the dosage strength that physicians prescribe for aching joints, joint pain relief and joint structure preservation.  Supple also gives you 1,200 mg of BioBerica chondroitin.  Many people take glucosomine and Chondroitin separately, but you get both in one with Supple.  On top of the Glucosomine and Chondroitin which most people are familiar with, Supple throws in a complete joint antioxidant formuala of 10 vitamins and minerals.  Supple also gives you 120 mg of vitamin C, Cactus, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Betalains, Cetylmyristoleate, Ginger, Devils’ Claw Root, Boron, Boswellia Serrata, Bromelain, Tumeric Extract, Collagen,MSM and Cayenne.  Bottom line is that Supple gives you a very complete solution to help you with your joint pain relief, protect and restore your joints.  Keep in mind that if your worried about giving Supple a try, they do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee if your not happy with how it works.  Supple is available in 30 day, 60 day, 90 day and 180 day supply.  A 60 day supply works out to be be about $1.75 a day, so it’s not expensive at all.  It’s actually cheaper than a cup of coffee a day.

16-20% off Autotrader Coupons

New April 2014 Autotrader coupon codes will save you 16 percent to 20 percent off a Autotrader listing at Autotrader Coupons.  16 percent savings is on any regular Autotrader ad listing package that starts at $25 up to $99.  The 20% savings is a Autotrader VIP coupon.  Autotrader VIP ads cost a little more, starting at $179 to $299, but they will give you the most exposure and they handle all the work for you, protect your privacy 100% by providing contact number and email to use on your ad and they even weed out your calls. Other features that you get in the VIP packages like Autocheck reports, will really help you sell your vehicle quickly and for top dollar.  Autotrader’s newest money back guarantee still applies to all of their ads.  So if you pay for an ad listing and you don’t sell your vehicle they will return the cost of your ad back.  You can’t lose, your either going to sell your vehicle on autotrader or you get your money back.

I wouldn’t worry about not selling with a Autotrader listing.  They are the largest and most popular website for potential buyers, with over 10 million visitors to their website.  Lets be honest who do you know that hasn’t heard of Autotrader and hasn’t been on their website looking at vehicles.  Spring is the busiest time for car buyers, so keep in mind that you will probably sell faster and get top dollar by listing now.  It’s simple supply and demand, so sell while it’s hot.  Once the summer hits, volume of sales goes down, so it will probably take you longer to sell and you may get beat up a little on your asking price.

20% off Lifeproof coupon

Save 20 percent off a Lifeproof case at Lifeproof coupons.  There was a 10% off Lifeproof April fools coupon that I saw yesterday and was going to blog about, but it was gone this morning.  Instead there is a 20% off Lifeproof coupon code available, so it may have worked out better.  The reason why I say may have worked out better is because this 20% off is only good on Lifeproof iphone cases and Lifeproof Galaxy cases.  They don’t sell any other Lifeproof cases for other devices like your iPad.  The 10% off was a direct site wide coupon, so you would have saved on any Lifeproof case that you wanted.

So if your looking for a Lifeproof Fre iPhone 4/4s case or any iPhone 5C or iPhone 5S case in both the Fre and Nuud you can use this coupon code to save 20% off, plus free shipping.  If you are looking for a Galaxy 3 or Galaxy 4 case in the Fre or Nuud model you will also be able to use this coupon to save 20% off.  A lifeproof case is the best case you can get on the market for complete protection.  I think it’s better than a Otterbox case, because it has a way better profile in my opinion.  You get full waterproof protection, dust proof protection, shock proof protection and snow proof protection.  I should also state that Otterbox cases offer the same protection level.  For me it comes down to design between the two options.  If your not familiar with Otterbox, I do recommend checking out their cases and latest deals at Otterbox coupons, before you go ahead and make a purchase.

20% Clarisonic Coupon code savings

A new Clarisonic coupon code for 20% off is available at Clarisonic coupons.  You have less than one week left to take advantage of this coupon.  This 20% off applies to any Clarisonic device model.  It also applies to any Clarisonic cleanser or gel and it also works on any Clarisonic replacement brushes.  With 20% off you will save anywhere from $25 to $50 off, plus you get Clarisonic free shipping.  A single speed Clarisonic Mia is only a $100 with a 20% savings.

A Clarisonic will benefit just about everybody in my opinion.  It’s especially effective if you have dry skin or have breakout problems.  By using a Clarisonic daily you will get a cleaning 6x better than traditional face cleansing methods and your skin will be softer and smoother.  It takes only 60 seconds a day to use and since all the Clarisonic models are waterproof, you can use it right in the shower.  Clarisonic’s patented sonic technology will greatly help you reduce breakout problems.  If you don’t have blemish problems, but where makeup, you will find that your makeup will apply easier and look much smoother on a super clean face.

The next tough decision you need to make after you have decided a Clarisonic Skin cleansing device is what you need, is which model to go with.  The most popular models is either the Clarisonic Mia 2 and the Clarisonic Plus.  The Clarisonic Mia is tiny in size and lets you easily take it with you anywhere you go.  It has two speeds, which is the only difference between the Mia 2 and Mia.  Cost of a Mia 2 is $150, so if you use the Clarisonic coupon code you get $30 off.  An extra $20 over the Mia is probably worth it to have the second speed option.  The Clarisonic Plus, which is their top end retails for $225.  So if you use the Clarisonic coupon code for 20% off you will get it for $180.  The Plus is a larger unit and it has 3 speeds.  It is also the only model that includes a body mode, so if you want to do other areas on your body like your elbows or back you will want to go with a Clarisonic Plus.

Teak Furniture Arthur Lauer Coupons

If you are looking Teak Furniture coupons check out the coupons at Arthur Lauer Coupons.  Arthur Lauer is an American Maker of teak outdoor garden furniture.  I just came across this store while looking for teach root chair.  You know that teak chairs that are basically the root system, but they make out a chair.  Well Arthur Lauer doesn’t sell these teak root chairs, but they do make some really nice all teak outdoor furniture.  If your looking for a teak Root chair I have been looking at teak Root chair Deals.

Arthur Lauer makes everything from benches, chairs, lounges, swings, tables and more.  All out of teak and at amazing prices compared to other teak furniture stores.  Teak furniture is crazy expensive if you ever find it in a boutique shop.  Teak is ideal for outdoor furniture and the extra that you pay now, compared other woods and synthetic materials is well worth the money.   First off teak looks amazing.  Teak is a tropical hardwood and it’s value is in it’s durability and water resistance.  That’s why it’s used for boat building and other exterior construction.  Also why it will last you forever as outdoor furniture and well worth the extra money now.  It’s really that simple.  You can leave your teak table out on the deck year round, year after year.  Good chance that it will outlast you on this earth.  I bought a $1200 patio set from the local Home depot a couple of years back. It was nice, glass top and fancy steel.  Well it’s already time for a new one.  This time around I’m going teak.  A nice 88″ teak table is about $1200.  5 chairs is going to cost me about $1000.  So in total I’m looking to spend about $2200-$2400.  That’s more than double the $1200 I paid a couple years ago, but since I’m looking for new stuff I should have spend the money the first time for the last time.  I also think real wood looks amazing as well.

Shipwreck Silver Sale

There is a shipwreck silver sale at SilverGoldBull coupons.  These are 10 oz silver bars that have been recovered from the S.S Gairsoppa.  The 10 oz bars are serialized, individually packaged and ship with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Before I get into a little information about this shipwrecked silver bars, I want to give you my two cents on shipwrecked bullion and coins.  There have been a numerous recoveries of bullion and coins from ships.  They all get packaged, serialized and sold with a Certificate of Authenticity.  They also fetch a premium in price, compared to to buying bullion bars.  The question is that is it worth it as an investment.  The other side of the coin is not just investment, it’s about the collector.  Well from my experience shipwreck gold and silver always seem to be worth the premium.  There is limited supply making and collectors love shipwreck precious metal items.  All the stuff that I have seen has always had no problem keeping the premium it cost to purchase shipwreck stuff.  Demand is high from the collector markets.

In this case the premium on a 10 oz SS Gairsoppa bar is about $4 an ounce.  A S.S Gairsoppa silver bar will cost you $264.22.  Compare this to another Brand name Silver Bar of the same size which will cost you about $222-$230.  In my opinion the premium is worth it and as a collector you have to have it.  The SS Gairsoppa was recovered by the Odyssey Marine Exploration in July 2013.  The SS Gairsoppa was a British Steam merchant ship built in 1919.  In 1941 the SS Gairsoppa was torpedoed on February 17 by a German U Boat designation U-101.  It was loaded with pig iron, tea and silver ingots and sailing from Calcutta to India then to Britain.  70 years later it was recovered in 3 miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean.  The Odyssey found it in about 300 miles South west of the Irish Coast in the Atlantic Ocean.  This is a must have for many type of different collectors and investors.  It’s nice that it’s silver because it makes it way more affordable than gold shipwreck recoveries.

Lifeproof Fre for iPad Air

I was looking for a Lifeproof coupons and there are few at Lifeproof coupons.  This includes a pretty decent 15% off Lifeproof case coupon with Lifeproof free shipping.  Lifeproof has also finally launched a Lifeproof fre case for the iPad Air.  Like all Lifeproof cases for any mobile device the Lifeproof iPad Air case gives you their amazing protection that includes drop protection, dirt protection and complete submersion protection.  It looks like this new iPad Air case is also about the slimmest case that you can get that offers the complete protection that a Lifeproof case offers.  I find that since Lifeproof cases first came out, there are very few cases on the market that offer a slimmer case that offers the same protection.  This includes all their Galaxy cases, Lifeproof iPhone cases, Lifeproof iPod cases and their now complete line of iPad cases.  FYI their iPad Air Case Nuud is coming very shortly.  Their Nuud line offers nothing over the screen.  It’s a personal preference on what you like.  I personally like the screen protection of the Fre cases and I find that it has no distortion and does not inhibit functionality at all on the cases I have owned and tried.

The 15% off lifeproof coupon code works great at Lifeproof coupons, but they only have the Lifeproof iPhone 5 and Lifeproof 5c cases available here.  If your not looking for one of these your best deal is one of the Lifeproof free shipping coupons at Life Proof coupons.  The only other case on the market that offers the same level protection is the Otterbox in my opinion.  I find that the Otterbox cases don’t offer the same slim design that the compared to the lifeproof cases.  If you disagree I was unable to find any Otterbox deals other than free shipping at Otterbox Coupons.

Clarisonic Coupon for 20% off ending soon

Clarisonic coupon code for 20% off at Clarisonic coupons is ending after this weekend.  This coupon code is only good until Monday, so if you have been looking for a Clarisonic skin cleansing device, this is your chance to save.  It has been over a month since there was a Clarisonic deal this good.  The 20 percent off applies to any model Clarisonic skin cleansing device.  It also works as a Clarisonic Pedi system coupon and as a Clarisonic Opal coupon, for their infusion system.  This coupon even works great for current Clarisonic users, because you can use it to save big money on Clarisonic Replacement brush heads or on Clarisonic cleanser.

At 20% savings you can now get a Clarisonic Mia for just a $100 and this also includes Clarisonic free shipping on any model.  The savings on a Clarisonic Mia 2 is a full $30 off.  The savings on the Clarisonic Pedi or the Clarisonic Aria is a $40 off.  If your looking for a Clarisonic Deep Pore or the Clarisonic Acne solution that normally retail for $169, you will save $34 off that price.  Finally the 3 speed face and body Clarisonic Plus is a saving of $45 off.  If you use it as a Clarisonic Plus coupon, you will end up paying $180, which is a huge savings off the normally priced $225 – $235 Clarisonic Plus skin cleansing system.  There is also a bonus Clarisonic Plus coupon at Clarisonic coupons if your looking at the top of the line Clarisonic Plus device.  While supplies last, you will get a free full sized bottle of Clarisonic’s Gentle Hydro Cleanser and a free travel bag with any Clarisonic Plus device purchase.  This is in addition to the 20% off and the free shipping.  FYI, I just tested this coupon and they still have the bonus free cleanser and the free travel bag in stock.  Like I said it’s only while supplies last, once they run out all you will get is the 20% off and free shipping.  I can pretty much guarantee that you will not find a better Clarisonic savings or sale than you will get with this limited time 20% off Clarisonic Coupon.

10% off Bowflex Coupons

10% off Bowflex deals on just about everything Bowflex makes with latest coupons at Bowflex coupons.  Included in the list are Bowflex Canada coupons and Bowflex coupons for U.S Residents.  It looks like everything Bowflex is on sale.  If your looking to get into shape with Bowflex, now may be the time.  I’ll start from small to big.  Bowlfex selectTech coupons will save you $50 off and get you free shipping.  If your looking for a Bowflex tread Climber coupon, both the the TC10 and the Bowflex TC20 are 10% off with the most recent Bowflex coupon.  You get free shipping on the TC20 and the shipping cost on a TC10 tread climber is only $20.

If your looking at a complete Bowflex gym coupon, there is a 10% off Bowflex revolution coupon that also includes free shipping.  The same goes for Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home gym, 10% off and free shipping.  Like I said earlier this applies to the U.S. and Canada, just select the coupon for the country that you live in.  The newest Bowflex machine is the Bowflex Max Trainer.  Guess what there is also a Bowflex Max Trainer coupon for $200 off and free shipping.  The new Bowlfex Max gives you a full body workout in just 14 minutes.  It works everything including your core.  One thing that I loved about it is that it doesn’t take up much space.  It needs 2.5’x 3.5′ which is less than half the space my treadmill takes up.  It’s also only $999 with this $200 coupon, which is cheaper than most treadmills.  Of course you get the legendary Bowflex quality and warranty.  The only bad news I have about the Max Trainer is that they are back ordered.  According to their website the Max Trainer is in such high demand that they are shipping anywhere from 45-60 days from your order time.  Check it out and if you decide it’s the right machine for you, get your order in.  The $200 off Bowflex Max coupon + free shipping expires in less than a month.  That pretty much covers a discount on every Bowflex exercise machine that they sell.